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We are surfing down to Copenhagen for the startup event of the Nordics - TechBBQ, and our CEO & Founder Christopher Lindfeldt will hold a talk about the transformation in payments

🗓 Date & time: September 15th 14:00 in the Google Cloud booth

🏟 Location: Lokomotivværkstedet, Otto Busses Vej 5a, 2450 Copenhagen SV, Denmark

🧑‍🏫 Retail session: 14:45-15:30 at Breakout room 1 at TechBBQ. Google Cloud-, and Surfboard Payments representative talk about the benefits of the new era of payments for merchants

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Disrupting payments

With SDK-agnostic setup built into two fantastic products

The Surfpay app

Leveraging the Tap on Phone solution, we turn any Android device into a SoftPOS with low transaction cost, ECR compliancy and in-app onboarding. Any SMB or micro-merchant can get started with accepting contactless card payments within minutes from downloading the app.

In-app onboarding

An fully automated KYC process built for rapid merchant onboarding

Your phone as a card terminal

No extra hardware needed, perfect for small businesses, as a backup solution for larger retailers or during events

Digital receipts

Skip the receipt printers - the digital receipts saves trees and time

Export reports

Get the sales reports exported to your preferred accounting system

Surfpay Connect

The in-store checkout solution for retailers as API/SDK or as an "out of the box"-solution offers merchants more possibilities than before.

Make use of a big and beautiful tablet screen with a low-cost setup for multiple payment methods, loyalty offerings and digital receipts.

Multiple payment methods

Supports card, local schemes, invoices and even crypto

Wifi card terminals

Connecting our card terminals through API's. No messy bluetooth

Digital receipts

Continue the dialogue with customers when they have left the store


Built on the Google Cloud infrastructure

Leveraging on the cloud infrastructure we meet the data at different points at the checkout. When a customer interacts and purchases through any Surfpay product, we process the data on behalf of the merchant. Connected to any acquirer and processing the transaction on behalf of the acquirer. Simple as that.

Any acquirer

We are not bound to only one but can connect to all

Real-time data

Building it for real-time data for all customer interactions

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